Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday.

What a fantastic weekend this turned out to be! It got off to an early start because I skipped my class on Thursday (oops!) and my roommate Elli and I had people over Thursday night, then went out to the club around the corner, Ilses Erika. I ended up dancing all night (LITERALLY) and finally leaving with lovely Miriam and Sophie- around 7 am. This ended up being only slightly disastrous, as for one thing there was a surprise Melinda sleeping in my bed (always slightly unsettling to walk in to see a person in your bed who you weren't expecting to be there!) and for another, my Magdeburger schwesterlein Annika called me around 11:00 to say she was heading over as planned to spend the weekend with me.

Somehow I mustered up the energy to head to Clara Zetkin Park after those precious few hours of sleep  for a day of "slack-lining" (which is basically tightrope walking) with Melinda and Anni. It's so incredibly fun and addictive! Not to mention a pretty amazing core and leg workout. 

We repeated more of the same at Clara Zetkin Park on Saturday, but mixed in a lot more chilling and a little out-door rave action, where we ran into loads of great ERASMUS kids and hung out making daisy
chains and dancing.


Saturday night saw Anni and I preparing an Easter feast for the next day (thank-you-Martha-Stewart!) which ended up being a very smart move, because it left us free to enjoy the gorgeous weather on Sunday and go slack-lining again! This time in my own backyard.

Later on in the day Melinda and Rosie came over to enjoy a lovely dinner with us, take a little walk, imbibe loads of wine & Sekt & cake and watch ridiculous videos on youtube.

Today is Easter Monday, which means yet another day off, which I celebrated by listening to David Sedaris on audiobook, making mimosas with the leftover Sekt, cleaning my apartment and having a lovely surprise visit from yet another gorgeous red-head friend, Henriette. Tomorrow is yet another free day, as the school where I teach and observe on Tuesday's is still on Easter holidays. Hopefully my roommates will be home soon, they're both in their hometowns with family but I miss them loads!

Friday, April 15, 2011


     The quiet waterways, the calm cobbled streets where above your head someones pastel-hued bed sheets sway gently on a clothesline, the narrow corridors that lead you over tiny bridges and past icons of the Virgin Mary to open unexpectedly into ancient courtyards where no soul lingers, where dusky light sweeps over everything.

     The relentlessly gorgeous agedness of it all, the unforgettable, palpable sense of history and humanity humming along without really considering its own implications.

The impossible city refuses to be anything but deeply beautiful.