Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Hearts Day

Yesterday was Valentines Day, and what a great day it was! As per usual, the minute my eyes opened I started checking my various social networking sites, and it turned out I got lots of lovely internet Valentines, so my mood was bright from the time I woke up. Next was lunch with Elli (breakfast for me... I wake up late,) which is always a nice way to spend some time. I decided after lunch that I wanted to walk around the city center for a bit, and I thought there was a market in the square so I walked over. There was no market. Barring that, I then decided I would visit the DDR history museum. Then realized, it was Monday. Closed.

I headed home to Stötteritz, picked up some fruit and veg from Rewe, checked Facebook (shocking I know!) and was reminded that Maps and Atlases were playing at UT Connewitz. The realization hit me that I could NOT afford to pay 13€ for a show (or any amount, for that matter) and so I woefully tweeted my sadness at having to miss the show. To my surprise, I got a tweet back from @mapsnatlases saying they'd put me on the guest list! How baller! And so my love for twitter grows.

I hadn't even heard those guys before yesterday but I listened extensively on grooveshark.com before the show, and I was really stoked about their sound. Those guys have made a loyal fan of me, that's for sure.

I brought my deutschebestie Elli along to the show with me, which was incredible. The band was totally awesome. They played their hearts out and were super-duper sweet and thankful throughout. Near the end of the set, the whole band climbed into the audience, ending with a little solo song by the singer, Dave.


I got a chance to talk with Dave after the show, and as soon as I mentioned I was from Buffalo he started chatting to me about Amy's Place. For those unfamiliar with Amy's Place, it's a vegan/vegetarian INSTITUTION in Buffalo, and a mecca for Sunday (or Saturday) brunch.

Dave then directed me over to Shiraz when I told him I'd been the one to be twitter-invited, and I thanked Shiraz for noticing my tweet and so kindly putting me on the list. The guys were all incredibly lovely to talk to, and I even geeked out and asked for a photo with the band (well, half of the band, anyway.)

Stoked much? Erin, me and Dave. Epic BEARDS.

Lots of other awesome things happened yesterday, too, including news of a new Radiohead release. An excellent day for music to be sure! 

As for keeping you updated on my life, I'm still (impatiently) waiting to move into Erin's old room in Connewitz and live with Elli and Nora, and also (impatiently) waiting for the trip to England to commence on February 28.

I'm starting to get a bit nervous again about going through immigrations as I still haven't gotten a visa. Actually there's no way I'm going to get a visa, but I think I can get a temporary for 20€ which will at least save me some hassle at the borders. Although I haven't had any hassle at the borders yet to speak of, and that is a good thing for sure. 

The other important news is that I'm "interviewing" for a babysitting job on Thursday. I really, really, really need this, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it works out. 

Well, that's all for now. Hope everyone had as happy a Valentines Day as I did! 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Today in Leipzig.

Yet another sunny, 40º+ February day in Leipzig. Elli and I must have walked around for about five hours, from Connewitz almost to Plagwitz, to the Zentrum and back to Connewitz. We even ascended to the 30th floor of MDR building. Here's a little of what we saw today.

Oh hey.
German playgrounds blow American ones out of the water, every time.

Raveland? Yeah I lived there for about six months during my junior year of high school.

From 30 stories up...

Sunday, February 6, 2011

This morning in Leipzig.

That's about what I remember from last night.

British Music Club. Also red lipstick club. But Elli isn't a member (yet.)

Despite the fact that I dragged my still-drunken self out of bed really early for brunch plans with the lovely Marina that unfortunately fell through, I'm having a really nice morning. I woke up at about 10, slipped out of my '2nd apartment' in Connewitz and hopped on der Linie 9. Wound up at Eco Cafe around 10.45, and to my surprise, it was closed. Marina was nowhere to be seen, so I waited around to see if she'd show up. She didn't (as far as I know. I left at 11.) But the plus side is, I was up, out of bed, walking, and taking photos. Which are all good things. Here's what I saw.

Good morning Connewitz.

Keep the REWE flag flying.

Parkschein Automat. Heir Parkschein lösen.

Want. It. 


Sometimes I feel like a plastic bag.

This reminded me of the Eiffel Tower. 

Waiting for the 4.

Augustusplatz in the distance.

(free?) radicals.

I dunno what that means.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

best friend.

No one makes me laugh as much as she does.

No one surprises me as consistently.

No one knows me better.

No one has experienced as much with me.

No one has my back like her.

No one knows as many embarrassing stories about me.

No one else played a part in as many adventures with me.

No one's bed is a better place to wake up.


 No one is as beautiful to me.

No one's brain is as similar to mine.

No one means as much to me.

No one can replace her.

I've been through some really tough times in my life, and for some of them, I didn't have her by my side. That was really hard. But what matters is she's here now, even though I keep leaving her for Europe. I know she understands. My heart hurts sometimes I miss her so much.

"You'll always make me feel best when I'm feelin' blue, you'll always smile upon me and I smile upon you, too." 
<3 Forever. <3

Friday, February 4, 2011

Buffalo/Niagara Re-cap

I never actually even mentioned the fact that I visited the US for 10 days back in mid-January, but it was certainly worth mentioning. Weird, the idea of "visiting" your actual home, but so it is.

On January 10th, I arrived in Toronto to the most heartwarming reception I could have imagined; almost as soon as I turned the corner from Customs into the arrivals gate, I saw three of my very best friends- Heather, Lena and Julia. I squealed (I think they did too) and started running, my very heavy carry on clanging against my legs and even heavier luggage rolling behind me until I abandoned both on the ramp down to the floor where they waited. We all hugged tightly, squeaking and shrieking and generally causing an embarrassing disturbance for the other airport customers to be disgusted/amused by. After the initial euphoria wore off, I returned for my bags where they lay, callously flung.

Next stop- sex shop. Yes, my first shopping experience back in North America was a Canadian erotic market, and it was a first for Lena and so worthy of at least mentioning here. For those curious, no purchases were made. Sorry for being boring.

Back in the states, many debaucherous nights out in Buffalo were had, and many warm, cozy days were spent by the fire at my Moms house.

Oh yeah, and my cousin got married.

All kidding aside, the entire reason for the return-to-Niagara-trip had been to attend my cousin Deana's wedding. Dee and I grew up together and have always been quite close, so it was unthinkable that I not attend her wedding. She looked gorgeous, as I expected she would, and everyone had a wonderful time at the reception. I'm so glad I got to be there.

My whole family was in attendance, many of whom I hadn't seen in quite a long time. There were also quite a few high school friends, so the experience also made for a nice impromptu high school reunion (which I've heard isn't really "a thing" here in Germany, at least not to the extent it is back home.)

Making vows, etc.

Other notable Buffalo/Niagara USA occurrences included:

-Visiting my stylist Mindy Lynn for a long-overdue haircut, plus chats and Lagniappes with Heathmay, Erin and Chase.

-Downing a whole lot of beers at 2 for 1 Tuesday's with Julia, Abby, Erin and Reginaldo.

-Singing "Our House" by Madness with Julia at Tudor Lounge Friday night karaoke, where lots of notable people were in the audience, including the likes of Canadian Tommy Budden!
Impressive crowd... Abby, Erin, Jim, Predo-Lena.

Here, we are probably debating what song to BLOW EVERYONE AWAY with.
-Attending 2 of my little brother's swim meets.

He's fast.

-Obsessively petting and snuggling Lola

Tiny cranium

-Convincing Reginald to eat fries with mayo (not Julia, though, she held fast to ketchup. I'm not worried, I know she'll break in Amsterdam.)

Reg expresses affinity for Pommes mit Majo
-Chill coffee dates with gorgeous friends.

Breaking out of "black."
Mysterious lady
Abe's Mom.

-Spending time with my dog-nephew, Aber-Squaber.

Most handsome and wonderful Abraham Lincoln Nebraska

-A loooong day of snowboarding at Kissing Bridge with my brother followed by vegetarian chili lovingly prepared by my awesome Mom.

How 'bout this guy, huh??? Whatta swell chap.

-Receiving wicked cool birthday/xmas presents from the bestie.
-Early birthday celebrations with awesome aunts/cousins/nuclear family.

German themed "OLD" cake
-2 Bluegrass nights at Hardware featuring celebrated drummer Robby Lynch (plus what I'm considering a marriage proposal from him.) Also, tons of awesome, wonderful, beautiful friends who kept me well boozed-up.

3x burritos from ETS and one from Mighty Taco. Plus good ol' fashioned 'merican Pizza.

-Timma Hoes.

Medium coffee, black.

I'm gonna go ahead and classify that as a highly successful "vacation."